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Lets make some stoner love 420 Ready Teen Fuck

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Lets make some stoner love 420

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They also know that good music isn't just one type or one sound. These are the best songs ever made about weed.

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Nothing gets the reefer party going like some Sublime. Bluntworthy Lyrics: Before he was busy being in the movies and being a grown ass man, Ludacris was making party tracks that most of us were too young to get turnt to.

That's when reality hits you and you realize you have work tomorrow. Nate Dogg's classic hook on this song will surely fit your mood whenever something or someone blows your high. However, when it comes to picking his absolute best, we're going to have to go with the track that gets Lets make some stoner love 420 to the point.

This is one of the greatest odes to marijuana of all time. Perfectly describing all the emotions you could possibly feel while smoking, he reminds us that weed is just medication to help us see more clearly.

This track will help you get in touch with the spiritual side of your cannabis. Stonsr soulful lyrics about getting weed by the pound, then smoking it, is enough inspiration for us to get through the day just so we can go Lets make some stoner love 420 and light one up.

During their run in the '90s and early s, Three 6 Mafia had some of the most important music in hip-hop.

Of course, "Stay High" is a classic but their song "Where Is The Bud" posed a pressing question that every stoner asks themselves every day. So apparently Fif doesn't really smoke at allbut that didn't stop him from penning one of the hottest smoking songs of all Lefs.

Although we remember him more these days for those hilarious "Chappelle's Show" skits, Rick James was making music that your parents were turning up to. If you're still not sure if your parents blaze or not, turn on this song and see if they have loce sort of emotional reaction to it. RIP to Rick James one Lets make some stoner love 420.

You ever eat oove whole bag of crackers that were so old That they weren't crispy anymore? Let's take it straight to the roots of cannabis and give it up one time for all the ganja farmers.

Anyone can make a meme about anything these days, including cannabis. Where do For the magic guy in the sky so loved the earth that he sprouted up some dank bud for all his people to enjoy. weed Let the pros work. The Cannabis Social Network. Your #1 source for cannabis info. Meet like- minded enthusiasts, experts, and friends. Download the app and make a connection. Pot lore: The true story of , a marijuana tradition, told by the stoners who invented it A group of five men, who call themselves the Waldos, have made it their "A couple of guys in the Coast Guard are growing marijuana and for for free weed constantly and we said, 'Yeah, it's a no brainer, let's go!'.

It's a tough job that requires a lot of love, self-control and patience. It also requires miles of rolling papers, lighters for days and some iron lungs.

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Remember when Sean Paul was poppin? Luckily, he left us countless songs that will remind us of a time when Jamaican dancehall was taking over the radiowaves and people were singing about legalizing weed without even realizing it.

But just like Cudi, Wiz has had so many classic smoking anthems that you can't choose just one. Why can't everyone just smoke like me?

generally thought of as one of the Fab Four's many upbeat love songs – but some people would see it that way,” he told Rolling Stone in Let's be honest: At one time or another, we've all been Tony Iommi at the beginning of “ Sweet “I'm not a junkie,” Young said in about making the album. From the "How To Roll A Blunt" song to "Doobie Ashtray," we are counting down the Before Future was writing about his one true love, “dirty sprite,” he was the roll that sticky, let's get higher (let's get higher)/Got that blueberry yum yum In a interview with Complex, A$AP Rocky described the making of the song. The Cannabis Social Network. Your #1 source for cannabis info. Meet like- minded enthusiasts, experts, and friends. Download the app and make a connection.

His collaboration with Mavado and Popcaan was a culmination of his marijuana-inspired self discovery, which he documented in the film "Reincarnated.

Afroman was one of the first artists to normalize stoner laziness within mainstream culture and we thank him for that.

Once again, Lets make some stoner love 420 relatable that speaks to other stoners is always going to be a hit but lovs a message this real, it could still played on repeat even 15 years later. It's hard to think of a greater stoner rap duo than Methodman and Redman, especially in the '90s.

They would go on to drop one of ,ove greatest weed movies of all time and cement their status in the space. Whether you're at a baby shower, in line at the DMV or about to light something up, it's probably the most appropriate song to blast from your phone for every occasion.

Stoner Anthems: By Julian Sonny. Pretty much every song sounds like the greatest song ever when you're blazed.

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